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4th EPSDT Lawsuit Filed in Illinois this Week

Imagine being a small child who experienced grief, loss, and separation because of abuse and neglect in your biological family. That’s tough enough, right?

Now imagine being bounced around to several foster homes and experiencing even more trauma. Awful!

Now imagine getting a caring, loving, doting foster mother and the unimaginable happens. She agrees to adopt you and make you a permanent part of her family, promising to love you forever.

But, all the trauma that you have experienced throughout prior placements has caused severe symptoms of mental illness in your brain. And, maybe it causes you to not display loving behavior back to your mother. In fact, you’ve been verbally and physically abusive towards her and it breaks your heart too.

Now imagine the same state government that gave you your mother took you away from her because you need very expensive treatment to stabilize your trauma and you don’t get her back unless you get better. And you don’t get better, but the residential center discharged you anyway, because after all, you completed their program. And you return home because your mother is tired of being falsely portrayed as an abusive mother during child welfare and juvenile court proceedings. Dealing with your behavior is easier than continually being scrutinized under the “child abuse lens.”

But in short order, you’ve had a pretty serious incident as a result of your disorders, and the state once again, forces your mother to place you in foster care, breaking your heart, and hers. You have become a “third time foster child.”

Your treatment is covered under the EPSDT portion of federal Medicaid law. But the government has denied you access to it…AGAIN!

EPSDT Lawsuit #4

filed in the Illinois Northern District federal court on February 13, 2012

R.L. v Saddler & Hamos EPSDT Lawsuit #4 is the story of R.L. and the mother who loves him and continues to fight the state of Il to obtain treatment for her son. She seeks to regain the custody she never should have lost.

Write your legislators and Governor Quinn asking that the state of Illinois comply with federal Medicaid law, affording R.L. treatment that he is entitled to under Medicaid, the same Medicaid that was given to him as an entitlement under the Adoptive and Safe Families Act. In addition, ask them to rightfully restore custody of R.L. to his mother.

Because a boy needs his mother

It’s in his “best interests”

One Response

  1. My God , My God, shame on the the Legal System, DCFS and Gov. Quinn. I recently filed a lawsuit against the DHS for not giving nor fighting to give my son R.L. medically necessary help that he is entitled to. My son has been through so much(RAD, ADHD, Bi-Polar, Schzophrenia, MD), and we as a family are still going through. All I ever asked the Legal System and DCFS was to give my son the help he is entitled to-more intensified services. They would prefer to take my son from me, take custody from me, put my son in a foster home, investigate me(all unfounded) and deny any thing that I ask for that could probably help my son-no to intense treatment, no to therapuetic day school, no to residential placement(if needed). All these things I asked for my son-R.L. so that WE could remain a family, but to be told no; while at the same time placing my son in a foster home and giving the foster parent everything that WE requested and more! How is this Keeping families together and helping us grow stronger? It’s not, its just a plow to cover there wrong doings and putting blame on innocent,sincere, loving, nurturing, decent people instead of taking the blame for their lies, neglect and abuse. The more shameful part of this is that the Legal System backs them up in their wrong doing 100%. Gov Quinn is going forward with closing mental facilities. It’s a catch 22 nightmare.

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